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• Ensuring the development and proper operation of the institutional IT platforms, seeking the optimization of services and costs, in the framework of adequate cooperation with the Research Programs, the Regional Offices and the National Office of the Institute, seizing the opportunities offered by technology to enhance the work of scientists and the dissemination of agricultural technology in our country.
• Continuously seeking to achieve a service of  adequate quality for the users, with costs aligned with the budget, both regarding access to IT resources with  adequate performance levels and regarding service provided to users in case of operational problems, incidents or queries.
• Ensuring, within its possibilities, a framework of proper use of the tangible and intangible assets involved, in order to avoid their deterioration and the risks associated with their use, as well as to cope with their wear or obsolescence through proper policies and measures.
• Fostering the development of an adequate technical team, with proper levels of training and skills for the work to be developed, always seeking to provide the staff with the resources required to perform their duties, and with the information and training required to remain up to date on the rapidly changing world of information technology.

Ing. Marianela Aguerre
Principal Technician
Andes 1365 Piso 12
Tel.: ++598 29020550
Fax: ++598 29023633